5 Top Secrets To Saving Your Relationship

Posted by genesis giordona on

   Keeping your partner entertained and engaged may have been challenging for you in the past until now the secrets are released.   Ask your self ,can my love life use more excitement? Is there anyways I can add more excitement to the bedroom? Perfect ,Say no more the secrets are broken down in steps .

1) Sexy And Apealing

  Ladies go out and purchase you a nice set of lingerie ,something sexy ,see thru and compliments your curves.Set the mood real nice light some candles ,pop open your favorite bottle of wine and show your partner that you can still be sexy and apealing .



    Role play with your partner ,reenact out each other fantasies. Use your wildest imagination to fullfil each other every need.


3)Spontaneous Dates 

  Get back to dating your partner ,make time to be romantic and love each other like it's that first time when you fell in love.Be that person they fell in love with ,share love, laughter and a night out without a care in the world .Be free and open , express your wants and needs with them.Power your cellphones off to give each other your all. 


4)Compliments are Key 

   Let your love know that you still find them attractive .Men compliment your women shape,hair and beauty let them know their efforts are appreciated.Let her know that you notice the little simple things to keep a smile on her face .Women let your man know you appreciate him also nice home cook meals and compliments is needed also.


5) Sex toys And Fun Toys 

  Spark it up to the maximum with some sex toys ,erotica ,lubes, oils and handcuffs!During your roll play some handcuffs will definitely set the mood ,reinact your favorite 50 shades of grey scene.Use some oils to massage each other bodies after a long tense day filled with work and stress,now it's time to unwind.Toys will simply add more passion , fire and spark plus not to mention the best orgasams you could every imagines shared with your partner or by your self on nights when your love happens to work a little late and can't  make it home until your fast to sleep .


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