Adult Toys For Beginners

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   Buying your first sex toy can be very overwhelming and confusing so we've decided to put together A list of recommendations from our valued customers. As a beginner of sex toys you may want to first consider what kind of stimulation that you prefer.Rather you want something to massage,to tie you down or insert we have them all available at the best prices to not break the bank. No need to leave your home and go into a shop to ask a random worker awkward questions to figure out what to try first,I know you much rather order online from the comfort of your own home just like our 1000+ other customers.

  Let's get right to it! Massages play a big role in foreplay in the bedroom, massages actually warm up the mood and get the energy flowing quite well I might add, so for starters I want to recommend some flavored massage oil.Pick between your favorite flavors and enjoy every kiss of your partners.These kits also come with a candle to set the mood,a feather to tickle and love dust.


 Don't forget a vibrator,vibrators are fun with a partner or self play. We have many speeds , functions and patterns.Starting off i would recommend this Vibrator, that's 12 speeds but its adjustable so as you graduate you can up the speeds a bit, or a few speeds to get that intense orgasam  With any Toy make sure you get some toy cleaner  to keep your products safe and clean.Soap and water on products can break down the silicone and bacteria can live in the cracks so definitely make sure you grab some cleaner for good health!


 A mini bullet is a perfect sex toy for a beginner. Its small and fit in your purse,lightweight and its so discreet. A Lot of beginners try a bullet first to get to know their bodies and  then graduate to something more advanced.We have different variations of bullets choose which one you admire. These have a few speed to fit your level of comfort.



 A Wand massager is a must ,it can be used all over your body to massage you or your partner.These are very popular because of the fact that they're not battery operated it actually charges. It’s also good for back and shoulder massages after a long day.Comes in numerous of speeds that you can operate .


  Don't forget bondage gear for beginners.Every since 50th Shades Of Grey bondage has been so popular its almost a must have.We have an ideal collection for a newbie ,something you can use during your role play and spicing it up activities .Whips,collar,and cuffs are all newbie friendly ,so if you are big into BDSM this is for you for sure.

  Can't forget about the men,some men need something to satisfy them while their partner is away.We have gripping pocket pussies designed with you in mind.This product comes with lube to take advantage of the realistic feeling of a vagina,Never have to worry  about leaving your man on a long day at work this pocket pussy will allow him to remain calm for a while.


  Last but not least we have realistic masturbators for men.With realistic butt cheeks to give you the experience of your life.Alot of our male customers love it they say it feels better than the real thing we will let you be the judge. This product would also need some lube to give it a more realistic vagina feel also.This lube I recommend is very popular as it heats up it has a vagina smell that men loves.


  Well there you have it friends Best Sex Toys For Beginners ,Make sure you share this post with others as you may never know who need help with deciding on their next sex toy. I also would like to give you all a gift of 15% of your purchase with us today ,use promo code FUNPARTY at checkout. 



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